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Pre-and-Post-Migration-Stressors-Arabic_ضغوط ما قبل الهجرة وما بعدها والعالقات الزوجية بين أسر الالجئين العرب في كندا.pdf (1.1 MB)

ضغوط ما قبل الهجرة وما بعدها والعالقات الزوجية بين أسر الالجئين العرب في كندا

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submitted on 2024-02-22, 08:39 and posted on 2024-02-25, 07:26 authored by Mohammed Baobaid, Lynda Ashbourne, Dora Tam, Abdallah Badahdah, Abir Al Jamal

Armed conflicts around the world displace families, causing trauma and long-lasting effects on family stability, even after resettlement. The challenges continue as refugee families confront socio-cultural and economic adversities, such as loss of connections, property, and facing barriers like discrimination and language difficulties in new countries. With 58% of global refugees from the Arab region, understanding the experiences of these families is crucial. However, a lack of focused research on Arab refugee families means policy formulation might not be optimally inclusive. In response, the Doha International Family Institute collaborated with notable institutions to study the post-migration experiences of Arab refugee families in Canada, aiming to guide policymakers in enhancing the well-being and integration of these families.

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