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تأثير الحصار على الأسر في قطر

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submitted on 2024-02-22, 08:27 and posted on 2024-02-25, 07:47 authored by Azza Abdelmoneium, Asma Al-Attiyah, Batoul Khalifa, Fatima Al-Kubaisi, Abdallah Badahdah, Najla Alobaid, Aisha Sultan, Ahmed Aref

سرّنا أن نقدّم هذا التقرير الهام حول «تأثير الحصار على الأسَر في قطر »، والذي يأتي بعد عام من حصار دولة قطر مرّت خلاله البلاد بتجربةٍ غير مسبوقة، تجاوزت أبعادها السياسية أروقة المكاتب لتمتدّ إلى الحياة الاجتماعية والمعيشية للأسَر.

This report delves into the profound effects experienced by families in Qatar due to a blockade imposed over a year ago. Beyond political and diplomatic realms, the blockade has critically impacted families, especially mixed families with members from blockading GCC countries. Historically, Gulf families have shared close kinship ties and cultural, religious, and moral values, transcending geographical and political divides. The blockade presents an unparalleled crisis for the Gulf States, deeply affecting family structures and their overall well-being. With contributions from Qatar University researchers and DIFI colleagues, this research meticulously documents these impacts. The report not only offers empirical insights into the blockade's consequences on families but also provides evidence to guide the creation of policies and programs to bolster family cohesion and welfare in Qatar.

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