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OSRA Grant Cycle 4 Public Reports : Project Title: A Mixed Methods Approach to Understanding the Marriage Decisions of Syrian Refugee Adolescent Girls in Lebanon

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submitted on 2024-02-22, 08:58 and posted on 2024-02-25, 08:22 authored by Sawsan Abdulrahim, Maia Sieverding, Myriam Dagher

Early marriage is a pressing issue with detrimental effects on girls, their families, and society. This study focuses on the complex phenomenon of early marriage among forcibly displaced populations, particularly Syrian refugee adolescent girls in Lebanon. Employing mixed methods, we delve into the life trajectories and dynamics within refugee communities. Additionally, we assess the effectiveness of the Amenah Early Marriage Study, a community-based intervention. Qualitative life history interviews and quantitative surveys provide valuable insights. The analysis reveals three main marriage trajectories: poverty-driven, insecurity-driven, and kinship-based, all intersecting in intricate ways. School drop-out often precedes early marriage, regardless of the trajectory. The intervention positively impacts girls' attitudes towards education, marriage, and gender roles, with a decline in the ideal age for marriage. Furthermore, girls' attitudes toward early marriage became less permissive, addressing social norms. This study underscores the need to consider context and agency in understanding early marriage, offering hope for change in challenging circumstances.



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  • 2023

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