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OSRA Grant Cycle 3 Public Reports Project Title The Relationship Between Father Involvement and Self-Esteem in Qatari Youth.pdf (2.92 MB)

OSRA Grant Cycle 3 Public Reports : Project Title: The Relationship Between Father Involvement and Self-Esteem in Qatari Youth

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submitted on 2023-11-21, 11:18 and posted on 2024-01-29, 11:13 authored by Tarek Bellaj, Youssef Hasan, Yousri Marzouki

This study addresses a significant gap in psychopathological research by focusing on the role of fathers and fatherhood in the psychological development of children and adolescents, particularly within the context of Qatari society. While numerous studies have emphasized the importance of the mother-child relationship in explaining abnormal behavior, research on the role of fathers has been limited, especially in Arabic countries. Drawing on an Arabic version of the Fatherhood Scale and the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale, administered to a diverse sample of male and female adolescents, this study explores the relationship between fatherhood involvement and self-esteem. Guided by a theoretical model of father involvement, the results highlight the significance of various dimensions of fatherhood, including accessibility, responsibility, emotional responsiveness, engagement, moral role, provider role, and gender role. Interestingly, while direct father-child interaction was less associated with self-esteem among Qatari adolescents, indirect involvement and positive fatherly attributes were positively correlated with higher self-esteem. These findings contribute valuable insights into the role of fathers in Arabic societies and underscore the importance of fatherhood in child and adolescent development.



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  • 2021

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