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Introducing Library Users to the History and Heritage of Qatar

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submitted on 2023-05-11, 08:13 and posted on 2023-05-15, 11:24 authored by Maryam Ali Al-Thani

This presentation was given by Sheikha Maryam Al Thani, Qatar University

The following presentation focuses on the themes of restitution of cultural heritage items using the library, as well as the facilitating of cultural exchange. This is done by focusing on the three aspects to increase exposure to the country’s culture and traditions. Through oral history project, the library documents the oral memory of the narrators and the events that they have witnessed in the past. This allows for users to be introduced to several important events that took place in country and learn more about its past. Also, the library took part in establishing the massive online open course on edX that provides knowledge and in-depth insights into the history of Qatar from the past when the society depended on pearl diving and maritime trade for its income until the state formation. Lastly, the library holds many printed and online resources that covers many topics related to the university learning and teaching needs. Therefore, the library allocated a special room that is called Qatarna collection which plays a prominent role in highlighting the intellectual production and the national identity of the country. This collection contains resources dealing with political, economic, cultural, and social topics in addition to areas related to heritage, traditions, folklore, and others.  



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