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Open Licensing in GLAMs: A Road Map for Cultural Diplomacy

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submitted on 2023-05-11, 10:45 and posted on 2023-05-15, 11:42 authored by Alwaleed K. Alkhaja

This poster was given by Alwaleed K. Alkhaja, Qatar National Library 

Open licensing is critical for GLAMs, as it promotes access to and reuse of cultural and educational materials for the public. Open licenses, such as Creative Commons, allow for sharing, remixing, and commercial use of content within specified conditions. In the context of GLAMs, open licensing can enhance diplomacy by enabling cultural exchange and fostering a sense of shared cultural heritage. Locally, open licensing can foster cultural exchange and support the growth of creative industries, encouraging the use of cultural collections in creating new works and promoting cultural diversity. Internationally, open licensing can facilitate cross-border collaboration, the sharing of cultural resources, and the repatriation of cultural heritage. Moreover, archives and libraries can make their collections available under open licenses, allowing researchers and educators in other countries to access and use them in their work. This type of collaboration helps to promote cultural understanding and supports a shared global cultural heritage. In this presentation, we will examine the benefits of open licensing in GLAMs and discuss best practices for GLAMs in adopting open licensing, such as using Creative Commons licenses and developing open access policies. We will be presenting about Qatar National Library’s efforts in opening its collections, from international partnerships to licensing practices, and supporting open access publishing of Qatar’s research outputs. This presentation will also highlight some of the barriers faced by GLAMS on a global scale, from copyright limitations, cost of digitization, and balancing commercial interests with open access to cultural heritage. 



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