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Well-Differentiated Liposarcoma of the Hypopharynx Exhibiting Myxoid Liposarcoma-like Morphology with MDM2 and DDIT3 Co-Amplification

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posted on 2022-11-22, 21:15 authored by Khaled A. Murshed, Hayan Abo Samra, Adham Ammar

Well-differentiated liposarcoma (WDL) is one of the most common soft tissue sarcomas in adults. It has a predilection for middle-aged males and arises in deep-seated locations such as retroperitoneum, mediastinum, and spermatic cord. Its occurrence in young individuals at the hypopharyngeal region is an exceedingly rare event. Myxoid liposarcoma (ML)-like changes can seldom occur in some cases of WDL, which makes the diagnosis of WDL more challenging. Amplification of DDIT3 gene in a subset of cases of WDL has shown to be associated with such unique morphology. Herein, we present a case of a 36-year-old gentleman who presented with difficulty in breathing and swallowing for 3 months duration. CT scan of the neck revealed a lesion along the posterior wall of the hypopharynx measuring 3.5 cm. Histopathologic examination revealed a tumor composed of lobules of oval to spindle cells in a prominent myxoid stroma with delicate chicken-wire vasculature. In the vicinity, there were lobules composed of variably sized adipocytes separated by thick fibrous septa that contains atypical hyperchromatic spindle cells. By immunohistochemistry, the tumor cells in both components were immunoreactive for CDK4, but negative for MDM2. Fluorescence in-situ hybridization (FISH) confirmed the presence of MDM2 gene amplification. There was no evidence of FUS-DDIT3 gene rearrangement, however, DDIT3 gene was also amplified. The diagnosis of well-differentiated liposarcoma with prominent myxoid stroma was rendered. This is the first documentation of WDL with ML-like morphology harboring co-amplification of MDM2 and DDIT3 in the hypopharynx.

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Published in: Head and Neck Pathology
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