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Viral metagenomics analysis of stool specimens from children with unresolved gastroenteritis in Qatar

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submitted on 2023-11-09, 12:01 and posted on 2023-11-09, 12:48 authored by Ghina Hijazi, Fatima Dakroub, Pierre Khoueiry, Abdullah El-Kurdi, Amani Ezzeddine, Habib Alkalamouni, Khalid Alansari, Asmaa A. Althani, Shilu Mathew, Hebah A. AlKhatib, Hadi M. Yassine, Hassan Zaraket

Acute gastroenteritis (AGE) is associated with significant global morbidity and mortality, especially among children under five years of age. Viruses are well established as etiologic agents of gastroenteritis since they are the most common pathogens that contribute to the disease burden in developing countries. Despite the advances in molecular diagnosis, a substantial proportion of AGE etiology remain unresolved. We implemented a viral metagenomics pipeline to determine the potential viral etiology associated with AGE among children under the age of five years in Qatar with undiagnosed etiology. Following enriching for the viral genome, ∼1.3 billion sequences were generated from 89 stool specimens using the Illumina HiSeq platform, of which 7% were mapped to viral genomes. Human viruses were detected in 34 specimens (38.2%); 14 were adenovirus, nine coxsackievirus A16, five rotavirus (G9P[8] and G4P[8]), four norovirus (GII), one influenza A virus (H3), and one respiratory syncytial virus A (RSVA). In conclusion, the viral metagenomics approach is useful for determining AGE's etiology when routine molecular diagnostic assays fail.

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Published in: Infection, Genetics and Evolution
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  • 2022

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