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VHDRA: A Vertical and Horizontal Intelligent Dataset Reduction Approach for Cyber-Physical Power Aware Intrusion Detection Systems

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submitted on 2024-07-02, 06:07 and posted on 2024-07-02, 06:08 authored by Hisham A. Kholidy, Abdelkarim Erradi

The Cypher Physical Power Systems (CPPS) became vital targets for intruders because of the large volume of high speed heterogeneous data provided from the Wide Area Measurement Systems (WAMS). The Nonnested Generalized Exemplars (NNGE) algorithm is one of the most accurate classification techniques that can work with such data of CPPS. However, NNGE algorithm tends to produce rules that test a large number of input features. This poses some problems for the large volume data and hinders the scalability of any detection system. In this paper, we introduce VHDRA, a Vertical and Horizontal Data Reduction Approach, to improve the classification accuracy and speed of the NNGE algorithm and reduce the computational resource consumption. VHDRA provides the following functionalities: (1) it vertically reduces the dataset features by selecting the most significant features and by reducing the NNGE’s hyperrectangles. (2) It horizontally reduces the size of data while preserving original key events and patterns within the datasets using an approach called STEM, State Tracking and Extraction Method. The experiments show that the overall performance of VHDRA using both the vertical and the horizontal reduction reduces the NNGE hyperrectangles by 29.06%, 37.34%, and 26.76% and improves the accuracy of the NNGE by 8.57%, 4.19%, and 3.78% using the Multi-, Binary, and Triple class datasets, respectively.

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Published in: Security and Communication Networks
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Qatar National Research Fund (NPRP9-005-1-002), Assessing and managing ICT security risks of industrial controls systems for oil and natural gas production and transmission.



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