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The impact of strategic and innovativeness entrepreneurship and social capital on business overall performance through building a sustainable supply chain management at Jordan Private Universities

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submitted on 2024-03-19, 09:19 and posted on 2024-03-20, 05:52 authored by Areen Al-Tarawneha, Eva Haddada, Radwan Mo'd Al-Dwairi, Saleh Yahya Al-Freijat, Ayman Mansour, Ghosoon Abdulaziz AL-Obaidly

The objective of this study was to assess the influence of strategic entrepreneurship, innovative entrepreneurship, and social capital on the overall performance of businesses by establishing a sustainable supply chain management system in private colleges in Jordan. The primary objective of the study was to examine the impact of these elements on the development of sustainable supply chain management and the overall performance of businesses. To assess the assumptions posited in this study, a total of 329 individuals were recruited as participants, and their data were subjected to analysis and discussion. The study demonstrated that the implementation of an entrepreneurship strategy, together with the adoption of creative entrepreneurial practices inside the organization, as well as the support and enhancement of social capital management, all contributed to the development of a sustainable supply chain management system and the enhancement of overall business performance. The significance of strategic entrepreneurship emerged, highlighting its encompassment of key elements such as Market Opportunity Assessment, resource allocation, and firm design. The subsequent concept that emerged was that of creative entrepreneurship, encompassing elements such as creativity and the production of ideas, willingness to take risks and engage in experimentation, as well as the ability to sense market trends and prioritize customercentric innovation. Social capital emerged as a prominent feature, constituting the third important element. This category encompassed other subcategories, including networking and fostering relationships, trustworthiness and reputation, as well as the exchange of knowledge and facilitation of information dissemination. The results indicated the potential for enhancing overall business performance and developing a sustainable supply chain management by implementing an entrepreneurship strategy, specifically entrepreneurship innovativeness, and fostering social capital. This approach can aid employees in understanding their job responsibilities. The achievement of this objective can be facilitated through the provision of training and development opportunities for personnel.

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Published in: Uncertain Supply Chain Management
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