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Synthesis of In Situ Photoinduced Halloysite-Polypyrrole@Silver Nanocomposite for the Potential Application in Humidity Sensors

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submitted on 2024-06-30, 10:20 and posted on 2024-06-30, 10:20 authored by Khouloud Jlassi, Shoaib Mallick, Hafsa Mutahir, Zubair Ahmad, Farid Touati

Halloysite-polypyrrole-silver nanocomposite has been prepared via in situ photopolymerizations of pyrrole in the presence of silanized halloysite and silver nitrate as a photoinitiator. The halloysite nanoclay (HNT) was modified using the hydrogen donor silane coupling agent (DMA) in order to provide anchoring sites for the polypyrrole/silver composite (PPy@Ag). The mass loadings for both PPy and Ag have been estimated to be 21 and 26 wt%, respectively. The anchored Ag particles were found in the metallic state. The resulting PPy@Ag-modified silanized HNT has been evaluated for the potential application for impedance humidity sensors. HNT-DMA-PPy@Ag nanocomposite with different weight % of PPy@Ag (0.25 wt%, 0.5 wt%, and 1 wt%) was deposited on the pre-patterned interdigital Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) electrodes by spin coating technique. The addition of Ag nanoparticles within the nanocomposite enhances the hydrophilicity of the sensing film, which improves the sensitivity of the humidity sensors. The HNT-DMA-PPy@Ag (0.5 wt%) nanocomposite-based impedance sensors showed good sensitivity and lowered hysteresis as compared to the other ratios of the composite. The maximum calculated hysteresis loss of the HNT-DMA-PPy@Ag (0.5 wt%)-based humidity sensor is around 4.5% at 80% RH (relative humidity), and the minimum hysteresis loss estimated to be 0.05% at 20% RH levels. The response and recovery time of HNT-DMA-PPy@Ag (0.5 wt%) nanocomposite-based impedance sensors were found to be 30 and 35 s, respectively. The interesting humidity-dependent impedance properties of this novel composite make it promising in humidity sensing.

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Published in: Nanomaterials
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Qatar National Research Fund (GSRA3-1-1116-14016), Integrated Acoustoelectronic Sensors for sensing of saline water vapor in natural Gas Flow.



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  • 2020

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