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Sulfide interlayered cobalt-based oxynitrides for efficient oxygen evolution reaction in neutral pH water and seawater

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submitted on 2024-01-18, 06:50 and posted on 2024-01-18, 11:42 authored by Ahmed Badreldin, Jehad Abed, Noor Hassan, Abdellatif El-Ghenymy, Wafa Suwaileh, Yiming Wubulikasimu, Zafar Khan Ghouri, Karim Youssef, Dharmesh Kumar, Khaled Elsaid, Edward H. Sargent, Ahmed Abdel-Wahab

Sluggish kinetics of the anodic oxygen evolution reaction (OER) and minor upstream upsets in feed water quality remain bottlenecks for efficient water electrolysis, which is exacerbated under near-neutral pH environments due to H2O dissociation. In this work, we report the introduction of a NiSx interlayer in a Co-(NiFe) oxide/nitride catalyst on nickel foam substrate. Postmortem OER characterization in neutral pH synthetic seawater (SSW) shows that stable cationic [Co-(NiFe)]δ+ and anionic [O-N]δ– surface species coupled with the NiSx interlayer accelerate H2O dissociation, thereby enhancing activity and kinetics. The electrocatalysts exhibit stable performance at 100 mA cm−2 for 50 h in alkaline and neutral pH SSW with 350 and 425 mV of overpotential, respectively. The faradaic efficiency of the NiSx interlayer catalysts is enhanced by 10.3% and 8.5% achieving 94.5% and 87.4% under alkaline and neutral pH SSW, respectively, during chronoamperometry tests at a high applied voltage of 1.75 V (vs. RHE).

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Published in: Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
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  • 2023

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