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Structure and Rheological Properties of Bovine Aortic Heart Valve and Pericardium Tissue: Implications in Bioprosthetic and Tissue-Engineered Heart Valves

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submitted on 2023-03-15, 11:52 and posted on 2023-07-13, 09:06 authored by Hani A. Alhadrami, Raza ur Rehman Syed, Alap Ali Zahid, Rashid Ahmed, Shajia Hasan, MD. Anwarul Hasan

Heart valve (HV) diseases are among the leading causes of cardiac failure and deaths. Of the various HV diseases, damaged HV leaflets are among the primary culprits. In many cases, impaired HV restoration is not always possible, and the replacement of valves becomes necessary. Bioprosthetic HVs have been used for the replacement of the diseased valves, which is obtained from the sources of bovine and porcine origin, while tissue-engineered heart valves (TEHV) have emerged as a promising future solution. The bioprosthetic valves are prone to become calcified, and thus they last for only ten to fifteen years. The adequate understanding of the correlations between the biomechanics and rheological properties of native HV tissues can enable us to improve the durability of the bioprosthetic HV as well as help in the development of tissue-engineered heart valves (TEHV). In this study, the structural and rheological properties of native bovine aortic HV and pericardium tissues were investigated. The microstructures of the tissues were investigated using scanning electron microscopy, while the rheological properties were studied using oscillatory shear measurement and creep test. The reported results provide significant insights into the correlations between the microstructure and viscoelastic properties of the bovine aortic HV and pericardium tissues. 

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Published in: Journal of Healthcare Engineering
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