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Smart Farming Revolution: Farmer’s Perception and Adoption of Smart IoT Technologies for Crop Health Monitoring and Yield Prediction in Jizan, Saudi Arabia

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submitted on 2023-12-11, 06:30 and posted on 2023-12-13, 09:57 authored by Abdoh Jabbari, Abdulmalik Humayed, Faheem Ahmad Reegu, Mueen Uddin, Yonis Gulzar, Muneer Majid

This study examines the perception and adoption of IoT technologies for crop monitoring among farmers in Jizan, Saudi Arabia. The research investigates the relationship between farmers’ awareness of IoT technologies, their perception of benefits, and willingness to adopt them. It also explores the influence of factors like access to information, training, and the perception of government support on adoption behavior. A structured questionnaire was distributed to 550 farmers, with a response rate of 90.91%. The analysis reveals a significant association between farmers’ awareness of IoT technologies and their perception of benefits. The perceived benefits show a moderate positive relationship with farmers’ willingness to adopt IoT technologies. Access to information, training, and the perception of government support also have a positive influence on adoption. The findings highlight the importance of increasing farmers’ awareness and providing access to information and training on IoT technologies. The study emphasizes the need for government support in facilitating adoption. Recommendations include exploring additional factors, conducting longitudinal studies, and developing tailored training programs. Collaboration among stakeholders and financial support mechanisms is also crucial. This study contributes to the understanding of IoT technology adoption in agriculture, providing insights for policymakers, agricultural extension agencies, and technology providers. By embracing IoT technologies and implementing the recommended actions, farmers in Jizan can enhance their crop monitoring practices, improve productivity, and promote sustainable farming.

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