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Re-examining post-acceptance model of information systems continuance: A revised theoretical model using MASEM approach

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submitted on 2023-11-23, 11:54 and posted on 2023-11-26, 06:26 authored by Anubhav Mishra, Anuja Shukla, Nripendra P. Rana, Wendy L Currie, Yogesh K. Dwivedi

This study extends the post-acceptance model of information systems (IS) continuance, which is widely used to explain users’ satisfaction and IS continuance intentions. The extended model includes additional variables such as perceived ease of use (PEOU), attitude, trust, and enjoyment. The proposed model was tested using meta-analytic structural equation modeling (MASEM). The analysis included 1,056 observations on fifteen relationships from 214 independent studies with a combined sample of 84,343. The results confirm the significance of all the relationships proposed in the original model. Furthermore, the findings indicate that PEOU directly influences perceived usefulness, satisfaction, and attitude. Trust and enjoyment both have a positive impact on users’ satisfaction and IS continuance, wherein the effect of enjoyment was higher than trust. post-consumption satisfaction resulted in a favorable attitude toward technology, which further affected IS continuance. From a theoretical perspective, the current study acknowledges the shift in users’ attitude toward technology and emphasizes the hedonic value of IS usage as users report a higher degree of satisfaction toward responsive, easy to use, and enjoyable technologies. Marketers should focus on the enjoyment and gratifications derived from technology to increase potential IS usage.

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Published in: International Journal of Information Management
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  • 2023

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