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Progress for Co-Incorporation of Polydopamine and Nanoparticles for Improving Membranes Performance

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submitted on 2023-06-06, 11:46 and posted on 2023-06-13, 08:53 authored by Nada Abounahia, Hazim Qiblawey, Syed Javaid Zaidi

Incorporating polydopamine has become a viable method for membrane modification due to its universality and versatility. Fillers in their different categories have been confirmed as effective elements to improve the properties of membranes such as hydrophilicity, permeability, mechanical strength, and fouling resistance. Thus, this paper mainly highlights the recent studies that have been carried out using polydopamine and nanomaterial fillers simultaneously in modifying the performance of different membranes such as ultrafiltration, microfiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, and forward osmosis membranes according to the various modification methods. Graphene oxide nanoparticles have recently attracted a lot of attention among different nanoparticles used with polydopamine, due to their impressive characteristics impacts on enhancing membrane hydrophilicity, mechanical strength, and fouling resistance. Thus, the incorporation techniques of graphene oxide nanoparticles and polydopamine for enhancing membranes have been highlighted in this work. Moreover, different studies carried out on using polydopamine as a nanofiller for optimizing membrane performance have been discussed. Finally, perspectives and possible paths of further research on mussel-inspired polydopamine and nanoparticles co-incorporation are stated according to the progress made in this field. It is anticipated that this review would provide benefits for the scientific community in designing a new generation of polymeric membranes for the treatment of different feed water and wastewater based on adhesive mussel-inspired polydopamine polymer and nanomaterials combinations.

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