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Novel hybrid informational model for predicting the creep and shrinkage deflection of reinforced concrete beams containing GGBFS

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posted on 2022-11-22, 21:12 authored by Iman Faridmehr, Mohd Shariq, Vagelis Plevris, Nasrin Aalimahmoody

This study investigates a Novel Hybrid Informational model for the prediction of creep and shrinkage deflection of reinforced concrete (RC) beams containing different percentages of ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) at different ages, varying from 1 to 150 days. The percentage of cement replacement by GGBFS varies from 20 to 60%. In order to examine the effects of the applied load and tensile reinforcement on creep behavior, the magnitude of two-point loading was varied from 200 kg to a maximum of 350 kg while the percentage of tensile reinforcement (ρ) was selected as either 0.77% or 1.2%. The current situation about short-term and long-term deflections due to creep and shrinkage available in the international standards, including ACI, BS and Eurocode 2, is discussed. The results indicate that RC beams containing GGBFS have larger deflections than the ones with conventional concrete (i.e., ordinary Portland cement concrete). After 150 days, the average creep deflection of RC beams containing 20, 40, and 60% GGBFS was 30, 70, and 100% higher than the ones for conventional concrete beams, respectively. A hybrid artificial neural network coupled with a metaheuristic Whale optimization algorithm has been developed to estimate the overall deflection of concrete beams due to creep and shrinkage. Several statistical metrics, including the root mean square error and the coefficient of variation, revealed that the generalized model achieved the most reliable and accurate prediction of the concrete beam’s deflection in comparison with international standards and other models. This novel informational model can simplify the design processes in computational intelligence structural design platforms in future.

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Published in: Neural Computing and Applications
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