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Nonlinear effects in locally resonant nanostrip phononic metasurface at GHz frequencies

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submitted on 2024-05-07, 08:58 and posted on 2024-05-07, 08:58 authored by Feng Gao, Amine Bermak, Sarah Benchabane, Marina Raschetti, Abdelkrim Khelif

In this paper, we report on the observation of nonlinear effects in a nanostrip phononic metasurface (NPM) that enable the tuning of resonance frequencies at 1.42 GHz. The NPM resonator made of a periodic nanostrip array is fabricated on a lithium niobate substrate. Each of the nanostrips is 250 nm wide and is made of a 680-nm-thick SiO2 layer stacking on 50-nm Al metal electrodes. Finite element analysis reveals that the device operates in a vertically polarized (compression) mode with substantial acoustic energy confined in the nanostrips, leading to a local resonance at low acoustic velocity. Due to the nonlinearity, the resonance frequency of the device decreases with the increase in stimulation power. The underlying mechanism of the nonlinearity is found to be the power-dependent coupling of the adjacent nanostrips. This coupling induces softening of the substrate surface region, which reduces the acoustic velocity and, hence, the bulk radiation. As a result, the quality factor of the NPM resonator is found to improve with the increase in stimulation power. The power-dependent coupling of nanostrips in the NPM resonator demonstrates a reliable method for the realization of nonlinearity in phononic metasurfaces, which would significantly enrich the mechanisms for the manipulation of surface acoustic waves at high frequencies.

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Published in: Applied Physics Letters
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  • 2021

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