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Modelling Features-Based Birthmarks for Security of End-to-End Communication System

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submitted on 2023-03-15, 11:50 and posted on 2023-07-12, 10:57 authored by Meilian Li, Habib Ullah Khan, Sara Shahzad, Rohul Amin

Feature-based software birthmark is an essential property of software that can be used for the detection of software theft and many other purposes like to assess the security in end-to-end communication systems. Research on feature-based software birthmark shows that using the feature-based software birthmark joint with the practice of software birthmark estimation together can deliver a right and influential method for detecting software piracy and the amount of piracy done by a software. This can also guide developers in improving security of end-to-end communication system. Modern day software industry and systems are in demand to have an unbiased method for comparing the features-based birthmark of software competently, and more concretely for the detecting software piracy and assessing the security of end-to-end communication systems. In this paper, we proposed a mathematical model, which is based on a differential system, to present feature-based software birthmark. The model presented in this paper provides an exclusive way for the features-based birthmark of software and then can be used for comparing birthmark and assessing security of end-to-end communication systems. The results of this method show that the proposed model is efficient in terms of effectiveness and correctness for the features-based software birthmark comparison and security assessment purposes. 

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Published in: Security and Communication Networks
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