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Large-scale triaxial and box testing on railroad ballast: a review

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posted on 2022-11-22, 21:16 authored by Yahia Alabbasi, Mohammed Hussein

The use of railway transportation systems has been increased throughout the years. The conventional ballasted tracks have been used widely in many countries around the world. Ballast material is the basic element of ballasted tracks. Ballast degrades and deforms after service. Therefore, periodical ballast maintenance is needed which is a cost and time expensive activity. Understanding ballast mechanical behavior leads to better design and efficient maintenance. From the literature, experimental approach is used to understand the mechanical behavior of railroad ballast. Traditional experimental tests provide inaccurate results due to the large ballast particle size with relative to sample size. Researchers used large scale triaxial and box tests extensively to understand the mechanical behavior of railroad ballast. The target of this paper is to present a concise review of the extensive literature presented on the mechanical behavior of railroad ballast using large scale triaxial and box testing. It discusses the various aspects of large-scale equipment such as apparatus’ set-up, size, material and shape, simulated load condition and test purpose. It presents the key findings of the large-scale triaxial and box tests in understanding ballast mechanical behavior.

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