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Investigation of factors affecting turn signal usage at modern roundabouts in State of Qatar

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submitted on 2024-02-11, 05:48 and posted on 2024-02-12, 11:03 authored by Deepti Muley

Drivers are expected to use turn signals to indicate other drivers of their intentions of taking turns, lane changing, merging or diverging indicating safe driving behaviour. This study investigated the rates of turn signal usage at multilane urban roundabouts along with factors affecting the usage. The results from data collected from four roundabouts in Doha city showed that the drivers have higher tendency of using turn signals while exiting the roundabout rather than while entering the roundabout. Further, turn signal usage at entry and exit of the roundabouts was affected by turn type, roundabout type, correct lane, vehicle type, age, type of clothes and distraction. Additionally, using correct lane affected turn signal usage only while exiting the roundabouts. The binary logistic regression models showed that the drivers wearing formal clothes, taking left or U-turn, using correct lane, driving without distraction, and traversing a roundabout located in recreation and commercial land use had higher odds of turn signal usage than their counterparts. The lower turn signal usage rates indicate that more emphasis should be provided on educating drivers highlighting safety implications. Further, traffic engineers can suggest additional strategies to improve turn signal usage based on the results. These findings can be applicable to other GCC countries exhibiting similar characteristics.

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Published in: Urban, Planning and Transport Research
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