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Investigation of boron-doped graphene oxide anchored with copper sulphide flowers as visible light active photocatalyst for methylene blue degradation

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submitted on 2024-02-04, 05:18 and posted on 2024-02-05, 12:02 authored by Ahmad Farhan, Muhammad Zahid, Noor Tahir, Asim Mansha, Muhammad Yaseen, Ghulam Mustafa, Mohammed A. Alamir, Ibrahim M. Alarifi, Imran shahid

The non-biodegradable nature of waste emitted from the agriculture and industrial sector contaminates freshwater reserves. Fabrication of highly effective and low-cost heterogeneous photocatalysts is crucial for sustainable wastewater treatment. The present research study aims to construct a novel photocatalyst using a facile ultrasonication-assisted hydrothermal method. Metal sulphides and doped carbon support materials work well to fabricate hybrid sunlight active systems that efficiently harness green energy and are eco-friendly. Boron-doped graphene oxide-supported copper sulphide nanocomposite was synthesized hydrothermally and was assessed for sunlight-assisted photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue dye. BGO/CuS was characterized through various techniques such as SEM–EDS, XRD, XPS, FTIR, BET, PL, and UV–Vis DRS spectroscopy. The bandgap of BGO-CuS was found to be 2.51 eV as evaluated through the tauc plot method. The enhanced dye degradation was obtained at optimum conditions of pH = 8, catalyst concentration (20 mg/100 mL for BGO-CuS), oxidant dose (10 mM for BGO-CuS), and optimum time of irradiation was 60 min. The novel boron-doped nanocomposite effectively degraded methylene blue up to 95% under sunlight. Holes and hydroxyl radicals were the key reactive species. Response surface methodology was used to analyze the interaction among several interacting parameters to remove dye methylene blue effectively.

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Published in: Scientific Reports
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