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Hybrid Multimodule DC-DC Converters for Ultrafast Electric Vehicle Chargers

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submitted on 2024-07-04, 11:05 and posted on 2024-07-04, 11:05 authored by Mena ElMenshawy, Ahmed Massoud

To increase the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), significant efforts in terms of reducing the charging time are required. Consequently, ultrafast charging (UFC) stations require extensive investigation, particularly considering their higher power level requirements. Accordingly, this paper introduces a hybrid multimodule DC-DC converter-based dual-active bridge (DAB) topology for EV-UFC to achieve high-efficiency and high-power density. The hybrid concept is achieved through employing two different groups of multimodule converters. The first is designed to be in charge of a high fraction of the total required power, operating at a relatively low switching frequency, while the second is designed for a small fraction of the total power, operating at a relatively high switching frequency. To support the power converter controller design, a generalized small-signal model for the hybrid converter is studied. Also, cross feedback output current sharing (CFOCS) control for the hybrid input-series output-parallel (ISOP) converters is examined to ensure uniform power-sharing and ensure the desired fraction of power handled by each multimodule group. The control scheme for a hybrid eight-module ISOP converter of 200 kW is investigated using a reflex charging scheme. The power loss analysis of the hybrid converter is provided and compared to conventional multimodule DC-DC converters. It has been shown that the presented converter can achieve both high efficiency (99.6%) and high power density (10.3 kW/L), compromising between the two other conventional converters. Simulation results are provided using the MatLab/Simulink software to elucidate the presented concept considering parameter mismatches.

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Qatar National Research Fund (NPRP10-0130-170286), Development of Intelligent Grid Interactive Fast Chargers for Industrial Utility Vehicles and Commercial Transport Carts.



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