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Football-induced fatigue in hypoxia impairs repeated sprint ability and perceptual-cognitive skills

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submitted on 2024-03-19, 07:30 and posted on 2024-03-19, 07:31 authored by Samuel A. Pullinger, Paul S. Bradley, Joe Causer, Paul R. Ford, Antonia Newlove, Kieran Patel, Kevin Reid, Colin M. Robertson, Jatin G. Burniston, Dominic A. Doran, James M. Waterhouse, Ben J. Edwards


Investigate football-induced fatigue during hypoxia on RS and perceptual-cognitive skills.


Ten semi-professional footballers underwent a control session (0-m) to quantify RS in a non-fatigued state; and three hypoxia sessions (0-m;1500-m;3000-m) examining RS and perceptual-cognitive skills for a given physical workload. The mean number of correct responses (%) for anticipation and decision-making accuracy were obtained at the 30-min mark of each half. HR, TC, RPE and %O2sat were measured during warm-up, football-induced fatigue and RS test.


HR, RPE and %O2sat were different between conditions (ES=0.44-6.13). RS were affected by football-induced fatigue for DC (4.8%;ES=0.68) and AV (5.5%;ES=0.79). In hypoxia, a 6.5% was found for DC, 6.3% for AV and 3.1% for PV at 1500-m compared to 0-m (P<0.05). Further significant changes of 12.8% DC, 12.8% AV and 6.2% PV (P<0.0005) were found at 3000-m compared to 0-m. More pronounced declines in perceptual-cognitive skills were found as altitude increased (5.0-12.5%;ES=1.17-2.41) and between halves (5.3-6.7%).


The data demonstrates the RS test was sensitive to fatigue/hypoxia for a given physical load. Simulated matches in hypoxia revealed larger decreases, in RS and perceptual-cognitive skills, highlighting the need for optimal acclimatisation strategies, including physical and technical preparation, prior to playing at altitude.

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Published in: Science and Medicine in Football
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