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Effective uncertain fault diagnosis technique for wind conversion systems using improved ensemble learning algorithm

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submitted on 2024-02-26, 06:30 and posted on 2024-02-26, 06:30 authored by Khadija Attouri, Khaled Dhibi, Majdi Mansouri, Mansour Hajji, Kais Bouzrara, Mohamed Nounou

This paper introduces a pioneering fault diagnosis technique termed Interval Ensemble Learning based on Sine Cosine Optimization Algorithm (IEL- SCOA), tailored to tackle uncertainties prevalent in wind energy conversion (WEC) systems. The approach unfolds in three integral phases. Firstly, the establishment of interval centers and ranges, employing upper and lower bounds, effectively manages the inherent uncertainties arising from noise and measurement errors intrinsic to the wind system. Subsequently, the dataset undergoes processing via the Sine-Cosine Optimization Algorithm (SCOA), enabling the extraction of the most pertinent attributes. The culmination of predictive precision and classification performance is achieved through the integration of the refined dataset into an ensemble learning paradigm, harmonizing bagging, boosting techniques, and an artificial neural network classifier. The principal aim of the IEL-SCOA approach is to discern the spectrum of operational conditions within WEC systems, encompassing a healthy mode alongside six distinct faulty modes. These anomalies, encompassing short circuits, open circuits, and wear-out incidents, are deliberately induced at diverse locations and facets of the system, notably the generator and grid sides. Empirical results underscore the robustness and efficiency of the proposed methodology, showcasing an exceptional accuracy rate of 99.76 %. These outcomes definitively establish the IEL-SCOA approach as a potent and efficacious tool for precise fault diagnosis in uncertain WEC systems.

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