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Development of Modular DC-DC Converters for Low-Speed Electric Vehicles Fast Chargers

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submitted on 2024-07-04, 10:51 and posted on 2024-07-04, 10:52 authored by Mena ElMenshawy, Ahmed Massoud

To increase the utilization of Low-Speed Electric Vehicles (LS-EVs), rapid recharging of the EV’s battery pack turn out to be essential. This permits reduced charging times, greater vehicle utility, and broader adoption of LS-EVs. This paper presents a modular Input-Series Output-Parallel (ISOP) DC-DC converter for LS-EVs fast chargers. A generalized small-signal analysis applicable for any multimodule connection (Input-Series Input-Parallel Output-Series Output-Parallel (ISIP-OSOP) is introduced. The employed topology is a multimodule DC-DC converter based on Dual Active Bridge (DAB). Nonetheless, a single bridge is utilized at the primary side, and the modularity concept is applied to the high-frequency transformer and the second bridge where the connection of the modules is ISOP. In the presented system, 3-modules are employed where each module is rated at 1.5 kW to achieve the desired power rating, which is 4.5 kW . The charging process is achieved from a single-phase outlet. However, due to the high output current, a modular approach is required to avoid high losses. Uniform power-sharing is achieved through a direct output current sharing control, ensuring stability without the need for input voltage sharing loops, unlike the conventional ISOP converters. This is due to the fact that the proposed configuration uses only a single capacitor at the input side, avoiding the inherent instability problem caused by the output current sharing control. The controller is examined using a 3-module ISOP DC-DC converter, where the controlled current is following the reflex charging algorithm. Simulation results using the Matlab/Simulink platform are provided to elucidate the presented concept considering parameter mismatches, where the input voltage and the output current are equally shared among the three modules.

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Published in: Alexandria Engineering Journal
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Qatar National Research Fund (NPRP10-0130-170286), Development of Intelligent Grid Interactive Fast Chargers for Industrial Utility Vehicles and Commercial Transport Carts.



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