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DC-Transformer Modelling, Analysis and Comparison of the Experimental Investigation of a Non-Inverting and Non-Isolated Nx Multilevel Boost Converter (Nx MBC) for Low to High DC Voltage Applications

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submitted on 2024-03-03, 06:12 and posted on 2024-03-03, 06:13 authored by Atif Iqbal, Mahajan Sagar Bhaskar, Mohammad Meraj, Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban

This paper mainly focuses on the analysis, DC-transformer modeling, comparison, and experimental investigation of a non-inverting and non-isolated Nx multilevel boost converter (Nx MBC) for low to high DC applications. Recently, numerous isolated and non-isolated DC-DC converter configurations have been addressed for low to high DC voltage conversion purposes, which is vital for several applications (e.g., renewable energy, medical equipment, hybrid vehicles, fuel cells, DC-links, multilevel inverters, and drive applications), by utilizing and modifying the structure of reactive elements (switched capacitors and switched inductor circuitry). Among all the switched reactive structures, voltage multiplier circuitry provides a feasible solution for low to high DC voltage conversion due to its flexible and modular structure, voltage clamping capability, reduced rating of components, and ease of modification. Non-inverting and non-isolated Nx MBC combine the features and structures of conventional boost converters and voltage multiplier circuitry. DC-transformer modeling of Nx MBC is discussed for the continuous current mode (CCM) and discontinuous current mode (DCM), which helps to analyze the characteristics of the converter in a more practical way and helps to study the effect of semiconductor components, internal resistances, and load on the voltage conversion ratio of the converter. The mode of operation of Nx MBC in the CCM and DCM is also discussed with the boundary condition. The derived analysis is verified by simulations and experimental investigations, and the obtained results of 3x MBC always show good agreement with each other and the theoretical analysis.

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