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Assessment of turn signal use at two-lane roundabouts in Doha city

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submitted on 2024-07-09, 05:19 and posted on 2024-07-09, 05:20 authored by Deepti Muley, Charitha Dias, Al-Harith Umlai, Husam AlArdah, Mohammad Shah, Mohammad Murtaza, Firas Abou-sido

Turn signal and lane change indicators can be identified as an effective way for drivers to communicate with each other. Additionally, the use of turn signals has significant safety implications. This study explored the usage of turn signal indicators when approaching and leaving two-lane roundabouts. In total, 415 and 400 vehicles entering and exiting two roundabouts located in Doha city were observed, respectively. Results explained that overall 23% and 18% entering and exiting vehicles used turn signals, respectively. Younger (< 25years old) drivers tend to use turn signals significantly lesser compared to middle and old aged drivers. While entering and exiting, drivers turning left or making U-turns tend to use turn signals more compared to other turning movements. In addition, drivers wearing formal clothes used the turn signal more frequently as compared to drivers wearing casual or traditional clothes. The professional drivers displayed significantly higher tendency of using turn signal compared to sedan and SUV drivers. The outcomes of this study could assist the government authorities to devise policies and driver-training schemes aiming at improving the safety at roundabouts.

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Published in: Procedia Computer Science
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Qatar National Research Fund (UREP27-029-5-003), Assessment of driver behavior using smartphone-based application data.



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  • 2022

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