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A novel encryption algorithm using multiple semifield S-boxes based on permutation of symmetric group

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submitted on 2024-01-16, 06:10 and posted on 2024-01-16, 12:45 authored by Iqtadar Hussain, Amir Anees, Temadher Alassiry Al-Maadeed

There is a need of secure and robust encryption algorithm that can be implemented on each and diverse software and hardware platforms. In this paper, we investigate semifield substitution boxes using permutation of symmetric group on a set of size 8 S8 and establish an effective procedure for generating S8 semifield substitution boxes having same algebraic properties. Further, the strength analysis of the generated substitution boxes is carried out using the well-known standards, namely bijectivity, non-linearity, strict avalanche criterion, bit independence criterion, XOR table and differential invariant. As application, an encryption algorithm is proposed that can be employed to strengthen any kind of secure communication. The presented algorithm is mainly based on the Shannon idea of substitution–permutation network where the process of substitution is performed by the proposed S8 semifield substitution boxes and permutation operation is performed by the binary cyclic shift of substitution box transformed data. In addition, the proposed encryption algorithm utilizes two different chaotic maps. To ensure the appropriate utilization of these chaotic maps, we carry out in-depth analyses of their behavior in the context of secure communication and apply the pseudo-random sequences of chaotic maps in the proposed image encryption algorithm accordingly.

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Published in: Computational and Applied Mathematics
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  • 2023

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