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A Novel Synthesis of Quasi-Chebyshev Ultra-Wideband Bandpass Filter Using Nth Order Stub Loaded Coupled-Line Resonator

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submitted on 2023-12-11, 06:32 and posted on 2023-12-13, 10:18 authored by Muhammad Abdul Rehman, Sohail Khalid, Bilal Mushtaq, Mueen Uddin, Jawaid Iqbal, Maha Abdelhaq, Raed Alsaqour

This paper presents a novel synthesis of a quasi-Chebyshev Nth order stub-loaded coupled-line ultra-wideband bandpass filter. A unit element of a proposed filter topology consists of two short-circuited stubs loaded at the edges of coupled lines. A distributed equivalent circuit model of a proposed topology is extracted and used to acquire a generalized filtering function. The extracted filtering function is of rational form. The denominator of the filtering function causes a mismatch with Chebyshev type-I polynomials. For conventional narrowband filters, the denominator term can be neglected because of the close vicinity of band-edge frequencies; however, for the ultra-wideband filter response, the factor in the denominator cannot be neglected and hence requires a new mathematical procedure to compensate for the effect of the frequency-dependent term in the denominator. The electrical parameters are calculated using the proposed synthesis and used to design an ideal filter topology on ADS. To validate the proposed design procedure, fabrication is performed on a high-frequency substrate. The proposed filter is miniaturized in size and has good out-of-band performance. The simulated and measured results provide good agreement.

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